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Be part of shaping the future of sustainable food by placing Hollbum Loops in your company kitchen or shared spaces. The Loop offers early access to a new food experience that reduces emissions and waste while ensuring that harvest is unaffected by a shifting climate. Let your employees or tenants enjoy the beauty and fresh taste of locally produced greens and herbs while being part of a bigger movement to make food more sustainable and more self-sufficient.

Modular design

Resistant materials to build something to last and endure.

Subscription based service

Recycle of entire units. Hollbium owns the units and “rents” them.

Product circularity

Metals and circuits will be re-used in other devices and plastic recycled.

Producing food to share

We  plant only edible plants in the loop and created a shared economy around it.

Loop as a Service (For Businesses)

Our circular and full-service subscription model is hassle-free so you just need to decide how many Loops you need. For a typical office kitchen, we recommend one Loop per 10 employees. 


1-4 Loops

2500 Kr

/ month 


  • Loop Rental

  • Full Service*


5-10 loops

2000 Kr

/ month


  • Loop Rental

  • Full Service*

  • Intro Workshop


>10 Loops

Let's talk!


  • Loop Rental

  • Full Service*

  • Custom Intro Program

*Full Service: Includes watering service, nutrients, plants & general maintenance.

*Subscription Terms: Minimum 24 months or prepay the first 12 months on order.

*Installation Fee: Physical mounting, configuration and retrieval. 

Green: 3000 kr, Greener: 5000 kr, Greenest: As agreed.

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