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How many Hollbium Loops does my office need?

We suggest to have at least one Hollbium Loop in every office kitchen space and we estimate that two loops can cover everyday lunches for a group of 10 employees.

Can I choose what plants to grow in the Hollbium Loop?

In base of your needs and requests, our experts will make a balanced Plant starter kit.

Can I use Hollbium Loops in my restaurant/ cafe / bar ?

Yes! Hollbium loops is optimized for large production and some of our clients are already using our product for enrich their plates with our organic and pesticide-free vegetables. Some Cocktail clubs and Hotel lounges are using Hollbium loops to produce Herbs and new flavours for innovative cocktail recipes!

What is Hydroponics?

Wikipedia says that Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil, by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Hydroponics offer many advantages, one of them being a decrease in water usage for agriculture. Because of the lack of water needed to grow produce, it would be possible in the future for harsh environments which don't have much accessible water, to be able to grow their own food. Hollbium strongly believes that Hydroponics is the future of agriculture and this systems should be integrated into our everyday indoor environement.

How much food can I produce with one Hollbium Loop?

We are working on a proper LCA report at the moment but generally quantity varies on the kind of plants growing in the loop and on their growth state. Option 1= 4 kg of lettuce in 30 days Option 2= Infinite basil, mint and parsley after 20 days of growth * *Harvesting 10% per day

How do I "water" the plants?

Hollbium Loop has an automatic watering system connected to a water-tank inside the Loop itself. Our smart system also contains a sensor that notices you and Hollbium when the watertank needs to be refilled! Our maintenance service includes water-tank refill.

What plants can grow in the Hollbium Loop?

What kind of soil do I need to use?

Hydroponic systems doesn't require soil, Hollbium refurnishes every loop with our ecological growth medium.

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