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Bringing nature indoors

Discover the Loop, where functional design and employee wellbeing come together to transform your indoor space.


Experience a multi-sensory journey that adds social and green values to your offices, workplaces and public areas. Embrace a more sustainable and enjoyable indoor environment with The Loop.

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The Loop

Elevate Your Space

Learn how The Loop can create an elevated indoor space like never before.



Grow Without Limits

Discover the freedom of endless growth possibilities with the hydroponic system.

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Find answers!

Discover our comprehensive FAQ section to get answers to your queries.

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Discover how to customize your hydroponics farm to fit in your office!

Unlock the green potential

Discover our flexible subscription model that allows you to easily acquire a Loop and unlock a greener space.

Join the movement towards a greener future and take the first step in creating a sustainable, vibrant space with our flexible subscription plan.

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