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Today, 90% of the population spends at least eight hours per day in an indoor work environment.

The Loop creates better air quality, a more sustainable building by bringing in edible plants into your office space. In this way, you get a more vibrant working space that helps your business to grow.

Improve space quality and user moods

Educate on Urban farming

Harvest weekly and have shared lunches

Sustainable minimal design

What you can do with the Loop

The Loop

200125_The_Loop_Hollbium_051_Full_Res li

Sustainable Materials (metal & recycled plastic) 

Up to 24 plants

Minimalistic interior design

Optimized Growth Lights

Automatic Watering (includes nutrient dispensing)

5L Water Tank 

(Up to 30 days)


Bush berries


Leafy greens


Small vegetables


All Herbs


 Decorative flowers

What can grow inside the Loop

Where you should have a Loop

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